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Larges Areas Of Cinema Seats Are Empty Which Indicates Bubble In Cinema Sector
Mar 06, 2017

Large areas of cinema seats are empty which indicates bubble in cinema sector

There is recent reports show that in many areas of china, cinema hall seats are empty, specially in thousands of small towns and cities or even some poorer areas.


The brightly decorated 3D I-MAX cinema in a small of south China showing the latest Chinese and Hollywood films, inside the cinema hall with row and row cinema seats are empty. So few people come to to watch files there and the cinema manager rents out the cinema halls to traveling sales companies and music teachers.

In one small town of small south china ,the ticket seller sitting behind the counter with nothing to do and a ticket collector lying down watching and play his mobile phone are sings something’s amiss with the china non-stop building of cinemas.


There have been a boom in the last ten years for the cinema construction on the mainland ,but high cost of tickets close a door to many theatergoers in some poor or not so developing towns and cities.

Once an avid moviegoer, 66-year-old farmer Zhao Youling has never visited the new cinema just 1.5 km away from his village.

“It isn’t that the ticket is too expensive, it is that I am too poor,” he said.

“I always stay at home and watch TV because it is free,” he said. “I was a movie fan 30 years ago and as far as I can remember I could afford to watch a film almost every week and I loved to watch films featuring the lives of farmers or stories in the countryside.”

Analyst David Hancock estimates China’s screen density ratio will grow to about 57 screens per million over the next five to 10 years.

“The country is still under-screened, and there seems to be little reason to stop building screens where there are none,” Hancock said.

China’s countryside had about 3,000 cinemas in 2016, out of 7,000 in the whole country, said Fu Yalong, research director at leading entertainment consultancy EntGroup.

“It takes time to foster the habit among people of going to the cinema,” he said. “This is still a market with potential for development.”