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Valentine's Day Pranksters Book Odd-numbered Cinema Seats In China
Mar 18, 2017

Valentine's Day pranksters book odd-numbered cinema seats in China

Couples will be forced to sit apart after group of singles work together to buy up tickets to watch romantic movie at Shanghai cinema China.

For some of lovers this Valentine’s day may not very perfect for them at least when they were sitting apart in the cinema hall .

Romantics in Shanghai will have to forget dinner and a movie for Valentine's Day. Chinese pranksters have reserved all of the odd-numbered seats at a cinema's prime-time screening, forcing couples to sit apart from cinema seats.

A group of embittered singles worked together to buy up the tickets to a 7.30pm screening of Beijing Love Story, a sappy big-budget romance, at the Shanghai Xintiandi cinema, according to the Shanghai Morning Post newspaper.

In a seating chart posted online, every other cinema seat in the cinema is marked occupied. "Want to see a movie on Valentine's Day?" the prank's organizer, an internet user going by the name UP, wrote online. "Sorry, you'll have to sit separately. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give us singles a chance."

UP described himself as a "computer nerd" in an anonymous interview with the newspaper, adding that he suffered a breakup late last year.

He said the prank was difficult to execute. He lacked the money to snap up enough seats, and both the cinema's online booking system and its behind-the-counter staff rejected his requests for exclusively odd-numbered reservations.

So he turned to a group-buying website, and quickly gained an enthusiastic following.

A cinema employee told the Xi'an Daily newspaper it had decided to sell the even-numbered cinema seats at a steep discount.

The stunt drew mixed reviews on Sina Weibo, China's most popular microblog. Some users praised it as brilliant; others called it sadistic and ill-planned.

"The dream of many singles has finally come true," wrote one user.

"Too stupid. Won't people just switch cinema seats?" wrote another.

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